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Mocks and Code smells

Great article on Testing and mocking

VM Migration Woes on Virtualization The one rare case to note is when a node's clock suddenly jumps beyond the maximum offset before the node detects it. Although extremely unlikely, this could occur, for example, when running CockroachDB inside a VM and the VM hypervisor decides to migrate the VM to different hardware with a different time.

Ballast file to free up disk space when full

What happens when a node runs out of disk space? When a node runs out of disk space, it shuts down and cannot be restarted until space is freed up. To prepare for this case, place a  ballast file  in each node's storage directory that can be deleted to free up enough space to be able to restart the node. If you did not create a ballast file, look for other files that can be deleted, such as log files.