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Web Testing

Ghost Inspector  - record and set assertions in chrome, then schedule automatic periodic testing Selenium phantomjs casperjs HP QTP

A/B/N Testing or Split-test

EXP-platform "Data Trumps Intuition"  " significant learning and return-on-investment (ROI) are seen when development teams listen to their customers, not to the Highest Paid Person’s Opinion (HiPPO)​",  ACM video presentation about Amazon and Microsoft controlled experiments  -  startling results that were very surprising .​ Political and economic environment can dramatically affect results, necessary to use A/B/N testing. Approximately 1% drop in revenue per 100mS increase in page load time. Become data-driven, automate, implement abort mechanism. Newer AB testing video , lots of new information. Use A/A tests OEC - Overall Evaluation Criteria #1 Customer Lifetime Value - not always simple or obvious which to choose Return visits Revenue Conversion Click-through - is something else being cannibalized? Time on site Search optimization Twyman's Law - Any figure that looks interesting or different is usually wrong Doug Hubbard's How to Me

Windows 7 NTFS filesystem 10-50x slower then linux/ext4

Comparisons and recommendations for improving perforance

Windows Waltz

Window Waltz

Stored Procedures

Advantages and Drawbacks or using Stored Procedures Best Practices Checklist Bad/Best Practices

Intel Tick-Tock Processor Development

Intel Tick-Tock Processor Development Processors 2014/15

Moving from AWS to Real Hardware

Possibly More predictable Less failure Lower cost Less agility How and Why Swiftype Moved from EC2 to Real Hardware

MS SQL monitoring

Lock Monitoring

Simple Made Easy

Don't complect and entangle code Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci

Netflix Open Source

Netflix Open Source projects

Collective Leadership

TED Talk - Unlocking Collective Genius

Could development environment

ThingWorx bought by PTC for ~30x revenue

ThingWorx had ~3.5 M revenue and was bought by PTC for 112 M or ~30x revenue Axeda had ~30 M revenue and was bought by PTC for ~170 M or ~6 x revenue Rick Bullotta apparently ticked off the PTC executives when he publically spoke about the price the pulled out of the air.


5 Ways to Instantly Become More Productive Don't multi-task, focus on one task as a time until complete if practical Turn off notifications - except emergency communication, setup and socialize urgent communication channels Check email and IM periodically Handle email, IM, etc once and complete any action to be done with them if practical Prioritize Declutter  / organize

Code Reviews

Code Review == Code Smell Facebook uses karma points, everyone starts with 4 karma points, if your checkin breaks things you lose half a karma point, if you drop below 3 karma points, you are scrutinized and have barriers to checkins Paired programming is continuous code review and multiple individuals know the code

Paired Programming

Braintree - paired programming is part of the culture When is paired programming not productive Private offices are more productive  - Joel Spolsky Group Brainstorming does not improve productivity or creativity Microsoft and Fog Creek Software - Joel Spolsky has private developer offices so developers won't be interrupted by every phone call and conversation and can stay in the flow/zone and concentrate without interruption. When I worked for TeleAtlas we briefly TDD pair programmed continuously around the globe. We had developers on the project spread across enough time-zones that we kept a single development going 24x7 with various devs joining and leaving with their time-zone work hours. We sometimes even had more than two devs pairing simultaneously too. It was a beautiful thing. We ran the IDE on a high powered central development system in the data-center and all developers used VNC to connect to the session. This avoided the issues of hosting on a particular r

Traversing security, remote access

Hack from the inside out


Introduction DoS or Denial of Service attacks effectively make service unavailable for legitimate use. DoS come in two flavors - DoS and DDoS (Distributed DoS). DoS occurs from a single server and DDoS is a coordinated attack by many servers simultaneously. DoS may originate externally or be non-maliciously self-inflicted due to accidental bugs or mis-configuration. Some examples of how big and simple they are to accomplish. Reasons for DoS There are many possible reasons for being the target of a DoS attack. The reasons below were derived from research found  here  and  here . Self-inflicted - bug or misconfiguration (non-malicious) Random target or  Prestige - challenge, bragging rights for hacker or group Politics - anti-capitalism, anti-american Training ground - experiment, training for other attacks Punishment for undesired action - disgruntled customer, employee, vendor, partner, etc. Anti-competitive business practice Ideological conflicts or Principle Driven -

VBox convert vmdk to vdi, resize, and grow win7 disk

stackoverflow create a new ext4 partition in gparted create a mount point for the new partition sudo mkdir /media/win7ssd sudo chown troy:troy /media/win7ssd sudo chmod 700 /media/win7ssd mount the partition sudo vi /etc/fstab      /dev/sdb3 /media/win7ssd ext4 defaults 1 2 sudo mount -a Convert and resize the existing vmdk sudo VBoxManage clonehd "/media/win7/Win7-disk1.vmdk" "/media/win7ssd/Win7-disk1.vdi" --format vdi sudo VBoxManage modifyhd "/media/win7ssd/Win7-disk1.vdi" --resize 40000 update the ownership and permissions sudo chown -R troy:troy /media/win7ssd sudo chmod -R 700 /media/win7ssd In virtualbox replicate the configuration but use the new disk