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Eagle PCB

On schematic, to display or unhide component values. On schematic right click and select open device. Make sure the value On is selected. Save if the value was changed. On schematic menu select Library update or update all to read in changes. Right click on component and select properties. Set a value. If the value does not display. Right click the component and select unsmash. The value won't show up if the component is smashed. Then you can re-smash the component to move the name and value. It took me quite awhile to figure out that smash was preventing the value from displaying.

Temp Email

Gmail "+" labeling => for example will send a mail to  and will auto label the mail with "label01"  => temp mails  => temp mails

Kafka Streams ML Language Classifier

Machine Learning with Kafka Streams


Indexes vs Types Anatomy of an Elasticsearch Cluster