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Microservices Website

Composable webpages

Backlog Vision to Value

Backlog Vision to Value 7 Product dimensions


64 bit sortable sharded IDs - Instagram style


Visualizations D3js charts Google charts Chartjs Chartist n3-charts Ember charts Smoothie charts Chartkick ZingCharts Highcharts js Fusioncharts Flot amCharts EJS Chart uvCharts Plotly js VictoryPie Charts  (react)

Apache Drill vs Facebook Presto

Drill vs Presto SQL query across disparate data, sql, noSql, files, S3, etc.

Docker base image

Alpine really small base image

Kubernestes persistent volumes

kubernetes persisten volumes glusterfs filesystem which can provide persistent volumes for kubernetes docker images

vector clocks

vector clocks

Solr index and query nested documents

Solr nested documents Elasticsearch has better support for nested documents than Solr.

Microservices Distributed Transactions

Microservices Distributed Tansactions