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Why is the default answer always a web app?

Thick vs. Thin Client


selector {property: value; ...} selector HTML element or tag, or element or tag dot selector ex: p or p.class or .class properties = color: or font-family: or text-alight: or clear: or float: Resource list w3schools Tabless layout Zen Garden

Java vs. C++ performance

2008 comparison of Java, C++, Ruby, Python, Jython, JRuby, Groovy Performance article Java Urban Legends

Java GraphVis - Graph visualization library

Allows graphing software automatically. GraphVis home Maven setup Ubuntu install: sudo apt-get install graphviz Graphviz on steroids

Browser and OS and display resolution statistics

Statistics RIA statistics Stat Counter

GlassFish hosting

GlassFish hosting GlassFish hosting FAQ Solaris VPS GlassFish setup on VPS vpslink - ubuntu $7.95