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Windows Loopback adapter for Oracle

Oracle must have primary loopback adapter for DHCP. last installed adapter is primary if add adapter, must uninstall and reinstall loopback for Oracle on Windows Oracle windows loopback adapter install procedure

Filesystem comparison matrix

Wikipedia filesystem comparison matrix

ActiveMQ JMS

ActiveMQ Networks of brokers Distributed queues Other AMQ links Ubuntu autostart: The script already exists. sudo ln -s /home/tcollinsworth/java/apache-activemq-5.3.2/bin/linux-x86-64/activemq /etc/rc2.d/S50activemq Restart on ubuntu linux: sudo /etc/rc2.d/S50activemq Log file location: apache-activemq-5.3.2/data AMQ JMS tests


URI URI scheme URI uri = new URI("schemaElement://pathElement@hostName:1234/pathElement?queryElement#fragmentElement"); System.out.println("getAuthority=" + uri.getAuthority()); System.out.println("getFragment=" + uri.getFragment()); System.out.println("getHost=" + uri.getHost()); System.out.println("getPath=" + uri.getPath()); System.out.println("getPort=" + uri.getPort()); System.out.println("getQuery=" + uri.getQuery()); System.out.println("getScheme=" + uri.getScheme()); System.out.println("getSchemeSpecificPart=" + uri.getSchemeSpecificPart()); Console output: getAuthority=pathElement@hostName:1234 getFragment=fragmentElement getHost=hostName getPath=/pathElement getPort=1234 getQuery=queryElement getScheme=schemaElement getSchemeSpecificPart=//pathElement@hostName:1234/pathElement?queryElement


Meritocracy, Technocracy, Nepotism, Democracy

Oracle networking

Oracle instance discovery tool - find instance SIDs on system tnsping - is the listener up


GWT GWT-Ext most impressive demo Davis Ford - huge table with performance

Ubunto 9.10 nuggets to add after installing

Top things to do after installing Ubuntu Linux 9.10 Karmic Koala

String concatenation vs. StringBuilder

Java String Concatenation and Performance

Cloud Storage

Using Google App Engine and Google distributed BigTable storage Amazon S3 S3 scaling, performance, and retries hadoop HBase Hadoop Database - BigTable Cascading Google BigTable Webservice Terracotta Terracotta EhCache example Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network Mosso Rackspace Sherpa - Yahoo Cloud Storage - CAP theorem Yahoo Developer Network Blog Cloudies Awards apache-cassandra Notes on Distributed Keystores MySQL Project Voldemort LightCloud CouchDB Tokyo Cabinet Google BigTable: One big difference between BigTable and relational databases is how transactions are handled. Row-level transactions are possible in BigTable, but not any other type of transactions. The unsung hero of the day that really makes BigTable shine, however, is Chubby. Chubby is a lock-providing service that is highly available and allows many difficult design decisions to be abstracted away from BigTable. When a BigTable server (master or slave) comes up, it reserves a lock through Chubby w

Java Messaging APIs

Skype4Java Twitter Java APIs SMS Java APIs SNMP AdventNet API SNMP4J RSS Rome RSS ROME JavaWorld HOWTO IRC IM Bots IM Bots imified

Spring links

Spring Introduction Dependency Injection Spring Best Practices Spring Framework Spring tutorial