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Oracle JDBC ReadTimeout QueryTimeout

If a query exceeds the oracle.jdbc.ReadTimeout without receiving any data, an exception is thrown and the connection is terminated by the Oracle driver on the client. Unfortunately the session will still be queued on the database and continue to wait for locks, hold any current locks, and complete any DML/PL*SQL procedures that are pending on the server-side of the orphaned connection. If an application, on a another connection, due to ReadTimeout exception, retries DML/PL*SQL  which requires locks, those queries will queue behind the initial DML/PL*SQL. This will increase the workload exacerbating the situation. On applications with retries, this can be observed by querying the v$session table  or gv$session on RAC and noting new sessions started periodically based on the ReadTimeout interval. The sessions may often have the same SQL_ID and/or SQL_HASH_VALUE. If stmt.setQueryTimeout(Seconds) is issued and the statement exceeds the timeout, it will attempt to cancel the associated