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Git Branching Strategy

Git Branching Strategy

Graceful shutdown

Deep discussion on graceful shutdown Kubernetes Node.js

10+ million connections to server

High Scalability The Secret To 10 Million Concurrent Connections -The Kernel Is The Problem, Not The Solution Scaling to 12 Million Concurrent Connections: How MigratoryData Did It


Web Ontology Language OWL Resource Description Framework SPARQL query language for RDF

JustOne Data Lake

JustOne Data Lake - new storage for postgres

Speed up Ubuntu in Vbox

Speed up Ubuntu in Vbox

Interesting Analysis of SCRUM

The Author discusses some aspects of SCRUM that he doesn't prefer in this blog post .

Javascript json compare lib

The deep-diff lib compares two json structures and indicates the differences.

Database optimizer statistics (dates)

Optimizing statistics for dates

Elasticsearch query builder


Netflix Caching

EV Cache

Sequence Diagram Tool

Web declarative sequence diagram tool