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JBoss SecurityManager

Secure Coding Guidelines - see section 6 for how security is checked JBoss classloding JBoss SecurityManager HOWTO Class.getProtectionDomain().getPermissions() Discovering an apps security requirements Policy Security and Permissions Classes, Methods, and Permissions Prevent Thread creation


Reduce I/O with cluster tables Tuning Disk I/O Monitoring I/O select * from gv$sysstat where name like '%IO%' HOWTO Tuning FAQ Disk I/O


JAX-WS with Jetty

NTFS Links


Symmetric key encryption


Flash Flex

Adobe Flash Builder 4 DualPanel reversible component

Google Protocol Buffer, ASN.1, COM, CORBA, Thrift, etc.

Google Protocol Buffers FAQ Interchange vs. RPC Why not XML


Server/Client examples Getting Started with NIO NIO don't need a thread per connection with all threads waiting for something to happen Java 1.4, 5, 6 introduction

Firewall hole punching UDP

How to punch a hole in a firewall for UDP UDP code examples wikipedia Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN) Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) jSTUN

Ubuntu remote desktop slow

Super fast remote desktop NoMachine protocol Ubuntu 9.10 HOWTO FreeNX HOWTO

Java threads out of memory native threads

Increasing heap can exacerbate the problem

JBoss EE Dynamic Web App


war-less development with jetty

Maven Jetty Plugin HOWTO Maven Jetty Plugin mvn jetty:run-exploded mojo Deploying a webapp to jetty HOWTO Executable jar with Embedded jetty

Caching, Distributed Caching, Replication, JGroups


Use temp table instead of large IN clause for performance

Oracle limits to 1000 entries in an IN clause Some queries run faster joining to temp table

Resizing a VBox virtual disk


Dynamically set log4j level

logLevel = Logger.getLogger(Fubar.class).getLevel(); Logger.getLogger(Fubar.class).setLevel(Level.FATAL);