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source repo mangement

Ubuntu SSD performance tweaks

Read Execute Print Loop (REPL)

Message Queue Options on AWS

Documentation Metadata Standard - Darwin Information Typing Achitecture (DITA)

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Java Development Environment Configuration

Install and configure environment: Download the Ubuntu 64bit LTS install imageCreate a bootable DVD or flash driveInstall UbuntuUpdate softwareInstall gnome classicSynaptic Package ManagerPulseAudio Preferences - open and check the Make discoverable...PulseAudio Volume ControlOpenConnect Cisco VPN clientUpdate grub to reduce wait seconds
   sudo gedit /etc/default/grub    #change timeout from 10 to 2 or whatever    GRUB_TIMEOUT=2

  sudo grub-update
Install gnome classic
sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback Fix 14.10 vanishing cursor with sudo apt-get install ibus-gtkReboot and select Classic before logging inInstall Network Manager Open Connect Plugins (for Cisco VPN configuration) Open Applications : System Tools : Adinistration : Synaptic Package MangerSearch for network-manager-openconnectMark both entries for installation and apply Add launch icons to top menu/launcher/toolbar with

    Super(Window Key) + Alt + Mouse Right Click

Rearrange launcher icons with:

Oracle c11gR2 client install on Ubuntu 12.04

Software Architecture, Architect, and API Qualities

Software Architecture
Key Software Design Principles

Paul Rayner — How Agile Can Cripple Effective Design Work (and what to do about it)
"A good design is not one that correctly predicts the future, it's that makes adapting to the future affordable." -Venkat Subramaniam

Good Architecture Qualities:
Useful, satisfies the requirementsBug free given adequate effort (remember Microsoft worse is better to be first to market)Responsive enoughSecureReliable enough 99.9, 99.999... see this and thisUbiquitous/Portable access/environmentRobust - tolerant of faults with minimal outage and no corruptionMaintainable/Extensible: adequate test coverage, easy to refactorScalable: ideally horizontal scale vs. verticalImplementation consistencyCohesive modularity with low couplingDefined layering and visibilityAcyclic / unidirectional dependenciesConvention over configurationOverarching concerns are abstracted and consistent: security (authentication, authorization, auditing), monitoring, met…

VMWare and Disk queue depth matters

Git Code Coverage via EclEmma

Cloud Infrastructure Scripting


Visual Cloud Management

Troposphere - blog post covers Consul across VPC subnets/zones

AWS Cloudformation for Eclipse

Amazon HA VIP failover

Amazon Region and Availability Zone insight

Post on HighScalability by James Hamilton, VP and Distinguished Engineer at Amazon

Environment Management