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Google Compute Engine

Amazon DynamoDB

AWS Tips I Wish I'd Known Before I Started
DynamoDb is a noSQL schema-less storage. Each entity can have different attributes. Total item/entity size 64 KB (UTF-8), name and value count towards sizeMaximum tables 256/region/account, can request limit increaseNo practical limit in table size, bytes or itemsAttributes are name=value pairs and can be single value or multi-value setAttribute types: String, binary, number (38 digits of precision after the decimal point, and can be between 10^-128 to 10^+126), or sets, no empty values or setsIdempotent conditional updates: only applied if conditions are met, safe to retry in the event of failure to acknowledgeAtomic counters: increment/decrement, not idempotent, use conditional for idempotentConsistent reads consume more resources, time, and cost more money (avoid them when possible)Must create indexes when tables are created, can't update, add or delete laterHash key distributes data among resourcesRange key partitions dataQuery is …

Serialization Benchmarking

Kryo is the fastest and produces the smallest output.

json/fastjson/databind looks like one of the fastest json serializers