VM Migration Woes on Virtualization The one rare case to note is when a node's clock suddenly jumps beyond the maximum offset before the node detects it. Although extremely unlikely, this could occur, for example, when running CockroachDB inside a VM and the VM hypervisor decides to migrate the VM to different hardware with a different time.

Ballast file to free up disk space when full

What happens when a node runs out of disk space? When a node runs out of disk space, it shuts down and cannot be restarted until space is freed up. To prepare for this case, place a  ballast file  in each node's storage directory that can be deleted to free up enough space to be able to restart the node. If you did not create a ballast file, look for other files that can be deleted, such as log files.

Recommender Systems 1. Raccoon Recommendation Engine 2. easyrec 3. LensKit 4. Crab 5. PredictionIO

audio control missing ubuntu 14.04 flashback

From terminal execute gsettings set com.canonical.indicator.sound visible true

Ubuntu sorts files differently than OSX

Ubuntu 14.04 default locale sorts files differently then OSX. The db scripts are order dependent on the order of the scripts executing. It a terminal, type locale to see the currently set locales, the LC_ALL may be blank Set LC_ALL=C so that ubuntu sorts the same as OSX This can be set in .profile, .bashrc, and /etc/environment

GPU vs CPU for AI