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HTTP headers, logging, audits

Common Headers

access log

potentially PII requiring sensitive handling

x-forwarded-for - client/firewall/proxy host/IP (potentially PII)x-request-id - correlation idx-user-id - the user id optionally from JWT (potentially PII)x-org-id - the org optionally from JWT timestamp - UTCendpoint pathapp log
ideally no PII, some will contain PII and requires sensitive handling x-request-id - correlation idtimestamp - utcendpoint pathaudit log
potentially PII, some audits will contain PII and requires sensitive handling org Iduser Idtimestamp UTCaction (CRUD)data


4 Ways to Install Node.js
installing node

NVM downloads, installs, upgrades, and switches between multiple version of Node.js/NPM

Completely remove node, npm, nodemon
Ubuntu 14.04

sudo apt-get remove nodejs npm node nodemon
sudo rm -rf ~/.npm

Best Practices

Async / Await patterns


debugging options - Rising Stack
chrome inspector docs
chrome debugger - profiler, memory
node inspector - Medium

Complete breakpoint debugging, stepping w/ blackboxingSource maps for transpiled codeLiveEdit: JavaScript hot-swap evaluation w/ V8Console evaluation with ES6 feature/object support andcustom object formattingSampling JavaScript profiler w/ flamechartHeap snapshot inspection, heap allocation timeline, allocation profilingAsynchronous stacks for native promises

UI tester

SmashTest Chrome plugin UI Tester

NewRelic UI

Angular and more recently ReactDashboard layout uses GridsterBuilt their own charting library


Retrospective - Google Docs Drawing