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Hibernate Criterion and functional indexing

Porting to JBoss from Weblogic

JBoss port binding exceptions

Prior to Windows Vista/2008 Server the IANA standards were not adhered to. Windows can grab ports between 1025 and 5000 for its own use.

Article Debug Bind Exception

UI Mockup tool

Hibernate Spring HSQL testing

Convert WinXp physical install to VirtualBox vdi

Cloning VBox machine vdi or img

Cloning requires changing the UUID to avoid conflicts befor VirtualBox will allow registering it.
Copy img or vdi file to a new location/name
VBoxManager internalcommands sethduuid <newName.img|.vdi>
In VirtualBox GUI create a new machine
When its time to create a new or select existing Virtual Hard Disk select use existing.
Click on the folder and then click the Add icon
Select the new img or vdi file that you changed the uuid above
Complete configuring the machine as typical.

Creating Ubuntu 8.10 VirtualBox VM for Oracle 10g

Oracle 10g linux download is not compatible with Ubuntu

Create new VirtualBox Machine
Select name and type
Insert Ubuntu live CD in drive
Mount drive from the machine
Start the machine and install Ubuntu
To fix the screen resolution follow this HOWTO