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BFF Architecture

Backends For Frontends written by Sam Newman author of Building of Microservices

Auth0 and API Gateway Integration

In Tyk:
Create an API - mocks run before authentication, so use virtual end-point if you are mocking the API for testingCreate Policy, select API under Access Rights, save and record Policy ID for entering in Auth0
Create a unique tag on the policy so that it can be queried to validate it is being used by Tyk
(chicken & egg here as you have to create API before policy for rights and need to enter policy ID in API Auth)Set API Authentication Mode to JWT, HMAC, and set the secret to some plain textSet API Authentication Identity Source to sub or it will be logged that base wasn't found, using subSet API, Policy Field Name to pol or some other unused JWT claim name
This will be used to find the Tyk Policy by ID (not name) which is auto generated when the policy is created
In Auth0:
Set the secret to some base64 encoded plain text since Auth0 requires base64 & Tyk requires plain textIn Rules : Settings add a key=value, e.g., auth0 clientId=Tyk Policy ID, the ID is auto-generated by …

Microservices - Thrift, SOAP, REST

Synchronous REST = monolith

REST code generation

Swagger focused code generation

Swagger diff - are two API versions backward compatible

Restlet - simple easy editor for swagger.

Commodity Computing

API Transformer

Facebook Release Process

Release Process Web, Chuck Rossi, Facebook

Release Engineering Mobile, Chuck Rossi, Facebook talk at Google

Technology Radar

ThoughtWorks Technology Radar April 2016

Skype 12.04 fails on Ubuntu 14.04

Initially silently fails to start
Run from terminal and it explains the error

32 bit lib fails to load, add following to ~/.profile

See blog entry

sudo /etc/


export LD_PRELOAD="/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/mesa/ $LD_PRELOAD"
Then error mesg, see blog entry

sudo update-alternatives --config i386-linux-gnu_gl_conf select 1 and enter
sudo ldconfig

REST API Design tools

Restlet - simple easy editor for swagger.

Ubuntu 14.04 blank screen on Asus after boot