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Ubuntu animated gif or screencast

Silentcast seems to be a good choice

Gif has limited color palette though and are large, so mp4 or other outputs might be better when practical to embed a player.

Others include
LICEcap on wine

Image types - jpg, png, gif

jpg, png, and gif what are the differences

jpg lossy, but smaller png no loss

Vertx Microservices Example

State machines should be used more often

Why Develpers Never Use State Machines

Unlike the author of the post, I've incorporated state machines many times in my software career because. It's probably because I started out in the hardware world. We used a lot of state machines in PALs/GALs /ASICs at Telenet/Sprint.

bash command line editing

bash productivity commands

Command Recall Shortcuts

Ctrl + r – search the history backwards
Ctrl + g – escape from history searching mode
Ctrl + p – previous command in history (i.e. walk back through the command history)
Ctrl + n – next command in history (i.e. walk forward through the command history)
Alt + . – use the last word of the previous command

Command Control Shortcuts

Ctrl + l – clear the screen
Ctrl + s – stops the output to the screen (for long running verbose command)
Ctrl + q – allow output to the screen (if previously stopped using command above)
Ctrl + c – terminate the command
Ctrl + z – suspend/stop the command

Bash Bang (!) Commands

Bash also has some handy features that use the ! (bang) to allow you to do some funky stuff with bash commands.

!! – run last command
!blah – run the most recent command that starts with ‘blah’ (e.g. !ls)
!blah:p – print out the command that !blah would run (also adds it as the latest command in the command history)
!$ – the last word of …




Patch - backward compatible bug fix
Minor - backward compatible feature addition
Major - not backward compatible change



To load role projects from git into playbook roles folder
Execute from roles directory
ansible-galaxy install -r requirements-gitHTTPS.yml

could use git protocol and ssh keys or https and username/password


- src:
  scm: git

- src:
  scm: git

use boto for AWS inventory to find resources by tag
pip install boto